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Recently, I was working on the website for the church I attend (Mercersburg Church of God). We had some upcoming events that we wanted to get the word out to the community.

My first thought was to have a page with a calendar layout and just list each event on the day it occurred. My personal preference is to use an existing product, if it’s available, rather than always writing each feature need from scratch. So I went looking in the WordPress plugin site.

There are a number event calendar plugins out there but I settled for one from Modern Tribes; aptly named ‘The Events Calendar’. The basic version is free but there is a pro version that costs but gives you several extra benefits, including support.

I’ve been very impressed with this plugin. It gives you the month at a glance view but it also has a list view. It will list each event under the month heading and the event description. But if the viewer would like more information, you can drill down into the event for more details.

The detail view contains contact information, the event description and, if you provide the event’s address, it will plot the event on Google Maps.

I really liked the plugin because it made my job as a site admin super easy. If you need this functionality for your site, I would highly recommend it!

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