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Dreams and Goals: Where are you going?

It’s a fair statement to make to say that we all have dreams and desires for the future. I think that’s just part of human nature. Sometimes those dreams come to fruition and sometimes they remain dreams. However, I believe it’s important to keep and follow those dreams. They can be a source of inspiration.

It’s also important to have goals. But, I hear you say, aren’t dreams and goals the same thing? The simple answer is no they are not. A goal is a more concrete implementation of a dream. It’s more actionable and specific.

I want to talk just a bit about a certain part of your dreams and goals: the why. Why you have a specific dream or why that one thing is your goal. Whenever you set out to do something – really anything of significance in life – you need to sit down and figure out why you that thing is a priority.

The idea of living intentionally is the root idea here. We only have a fixed allotment of years here on Earth. It would be a shame to live out your years and yet never achieve any of your dreams or goals – especially if you spent your life doing things that didn’t matter or didn’t bring you closer to achieving them.  It’s an entirely different thing if you try for your dreams and goals and it simply doesn’t work out (i.e. flying to the moon; but you did work for NASA).

So back to the concept of why. What are the whys of your life? Why are you working at that particular job: advancement, learning, etc? Does that job line up with the whys of your life? If you have been offered a different job, consider the whys. What if your goal is to start your own business: consider the whys.

This concept is not knew, I first heard it a while back from a WordPress developer in Canada, Curtis Mchale. It’s stuck with me because I believe that if you know the whys of your life and you consistently evaluate them against what’s actually going in on your life, you’ll be able to reach your dreams and goals. In short it helps you live intentionally and that is valuable!

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