Remember the Why

I have small children so as a result I hear the question “Why?” many times. It seems to be human nature to want to know why. Why did I get sick? Why did she go there? We are a naturally curious people.

I’ve found it’s good to turn the simple question of “Why?” back on yourself. It’s an excellent tool for self-reflection and motivation.

Do you know why do do the things that you do? What about the way you think and the things you think upon? Why do you have specific life values and goals? Why are you working here rather than there? Why do you choose to live here? I believe it’s a good thing to know the “Why?” in our life.

It’s good to sit down and spend some time thinking about the “Why’s” of our life. Why, you might ask (pun intended, sorry!)? If you know the “Why”, you have a path or direction to follow. The “Why” also, helps you to hold to your values, goals and priorities when the doubts, weariness or opposition set in. Knowing your “Why” will give you backbone to stand for what is right even when it’s the hard thing to do.

Here are some sample questions to ask your self:

  • Why am I doing the work that I do?
  • Why am I involved in my hobbies?
  • Why do I chose to be married to my spouse?
  • Why do I choose to live here and with this life-style?

These aren’t questions to stir up doubt rather it should motivate you to keep working at your profession, hobbies, marriage, etc. However, it will only be a motivating factor if your “Whys” are solid. For example, if you have a deep love and connection with your spouse, then you’ll strive to make that relationship work and last. If you don’t, then your “Why” is not solid and when the difficult times come in that relationship, you won’t be very motivated to press on.

When stressful, difficult, exhusting or unpleasant times come (and they will at some point), you can Remember the Why. If your “Whys” are solid, they will motivate you to press on through those times.

Remember the Why!






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