One Week of Daily Blogging

This morning I’ve hit my first milestone. It’s a small one but a milestone none-the-less. One week ago today, I began blogging on a daily basis. None of the posts over the past seven days have been written before hand and released automatically.

If you’ve known my history with blogging, then you’ll know that this is unusual. I’ve had two other blogs before this one; the oldest of which dates back to late 2011. So then, why the change? Quite simply, I wanted to begin to build a platform, something to help me distinguish myself from others. A number of my dreams and ambitions revolve around business and freelancing. In those areas a good platform is invaluable.

I have recently made a change to my morning routine. I used to get up very early for a job that both started early and also had a long commute. But since then I’ve been working a regular 8-5 job with a 25 minute commute (and sometimes not even that because of telecommuting). Needless to say, the incentive to wake up very early dried up quickly!

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that with 3 small children if I’m going to have quiet time on a regular basis, where I can spend some time focusing on things like personal reading and blogging, I’ve got to get up earlier. So that’s what I’ve done. To a bit of surprise, it’s worked really well so far.

My plan is to continue my morning schedule and improve my writing skills and platform by continuing to blog daily. Stay tuned: I’ve got some cool technical posts in the works!

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