JavaScript Grid Framework Released

tl;dr: I’ve release a new JavaScript based grid framework that will work with an ASP.Net back end. You can find the code on Github.

Several months ago I wrote a post about JavaScript based grids.  I’ve slowly been acquiring more JavaScript knowledge and have really liked the speed that you get from doing more programming that’s “closer to the metal”. I’ve found that while .Net web forms can be great for productivity, they can be bad for performance if you’re not super careful.

I had a very large, data-heavy, page with 5+ grids on it. I had done things the “typical” web forms way with Microsoft’s AJAX Control Toolkit and Update Panels. Between the additional JavaScript files that the toolkit generates for you (increasing HTTP requests) and the update panels still sending more data than necessary, my app wasn’t performing very well at all.

So when I needed to speed up  the interactions with the grids, my instinct was to turn to a very basic HTML and JavaScript approach. The result was the framework I outlined in this post. I know there are JavaScript frameworks that allow for data binding. However, some environments are really difficult to introduce new technology so sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

I’ve now put the source code up on Github here. I created a simple Visual Studio project with the bare-bones framework. Currently, in order for the project to work, you’d need to wire it up to a data source and make sure your grid configuration matched your data. I’ll look at adding that and a working sample soon.

While the framework works well, I’m not 100% happy with how it’s designed. I have some changes I’d like to make to make it more useful and less cumbersome So if you have a good idea for improving something, please send me a pull request!

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