Surface Pro 3: Troubleshooting Tip – 2 Button Reset

Surface Pro 3 SetupI’ve had a Surface Pro 3 since late December 2014 and have really enjoyed it. For me it’s the best of both the laptop and tablet works; providing me with both mobility and yet, substantial power to program or even play games. I’d like to share a troubleshooting tip that has helped me with two different situations where I had to call Microsoft’s Surface support.

The first was when I was experiencing wireless network connectivity after the Surface would awake from Sleep mode. It either wouldn’t see wireless connections at all or it wouldn’t connect. The second issue just happened this week. I received a docking station for the Surface as a gift and hooked up an external monitor to it. But yesterday, the Surface stopped recognizing the external monitor completely.

The external monitor is connected via a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable via the mini-DisplayPort port on the docking station. But the mini-DisplayPort on the side of the Surface still worked and the monitor was recognized there. On the docking station port, nothing showed up in the graphics settings or even in Device Manager. It appeared as though the mini-DisplayPort on the docking station was completely dead.

I called Surface support (which is really pretty good!) and the tech had me start with a reset called the Two Button Reset. This was the same troubleshooting technique that I used to resolve the issue with wireless network connectivity. It’s very simple: press and hold the Volume Up button at the same time you press the Power button. Continue holding the buttons for 15 seconds or until the screen goes completely black and there is no haptic feedback from the Windows button beside the screen. Once the screen is black, wait for about 10 seconds and power the Surface back up.

This technique worked for me in both issues – I had just forgotten about it the second time around. In doing research, I’ve noticed quite a few forum and blog posts for both issues but hardly any of them mention this reset technique so I thought I would write it up in the hopes it helps someone else.

Oh, and don’t be afraid of calling Microsoft Surface support. They’ve been really great!

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