High Performers

I subscribed to Chris Lema’s blog a while back. I like that he is able to deliver value in each one of his posts – even though he blogs daily. I while back I had read an article about high performers in business and was reminded of it today.

Here are several articles that I think you should go read.

Chris has blogged frequently in this topic (in addition to WordPress and other business topics). You can check out his posts here. You’ll be glad you did.



Easy Steps to Poor Leadership

Just a short post today but I’d like to point to you a resource that I found interesting and helpful.

I was recently listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast ‘This is Your Life’, specifically episode 74. The topic was: How to Frustrate Those You Lead (Are You Making These 13 Mistakes?).

If you’ve not listened to the podcast, go listen! His podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites in my RSS reader.

Here are the 13 ways to frustrate those you lead:

  1. Don’t be responsive.
  2. Cancel meetings at the last minute.
  3. Reprimand team members in front of their peers.
  4. Change your mind frequently.
  5. Be vague with expectations.
  6. Always ask for things that weren’t requested.
  7. Focus on superficial rather than substantive.
  8. Assign work and then micro-manage it.
  9. Do all the talking.
  10. Never recognize team members for good work yet raise their standards.
  11. Always catch them doing something wrong.
  12. Communicate that you are the fount of all knowledge.
  13. Be moody.

If you want to be a good leader, simply invert each item and seek to achieve that. Good leadership requires hard work. It seems that it’s easy to identify bad leaders and to talk about what makes a leader good but it’s much harder to actually be a good leader.

There were many additions supplied by other listeners in the comments. Check it out!